Educational Programs

The True Cost: Film Screening

October 11th, 2017, 7:30 PM, Petersen Multipurpose Room 

There will be the film screening for the True Cost and a discussion on how we as a campus community can work on addressing these issues.
About the True Cost:
Through the lens of the textile industry, the documentary True Cost revolves on sustainability and does a beautiful job of showing the link between the environment, the economy and society. It also looks into the link between issues ranging from poverty, hunger, unjust treatment of women in third world nations, mental health of communities and suicide by farmers to destruction of the environment by widespread use of GMO's and pesticides. The fast fashion industry has direct links with all these issues.
Check out the trailer here:

LGBTQ History of Iowa City Lecture 

October 17th 2017, 7:00 PM, 107 EPB 

Join us for a lecture on the LGBTQ History of Iowa City and the University of Iowa! The lecture will be delivered by Professor David McCartney of the history department.

This event is part of Delta Lambda Phil's LGBT History Month 2017 programming.

For More Information: LGBTHistoryMonth2017.jpg

Brighten Up with Bright Pink 

October 18th 2017, 6:30 PM, W290 CB

Join the women of Zeta Tau Alpha in their event with Bright Pink. Bright Pink - ZTA partner, national organization aiming to educate the public about breast cancer/risks with an official Bright Pink representative. They will be hosting an educational workshop with speaker Katelyn Yoshimoto from Bright Pink to talk about preventing, detecting and treating breast cancer.

UISG's Iowa City Council Election Forum 

October 18th 2017, 7:00 PM, Illinois Room IMU

Join UISG on October 18 to meet City Council candidates, and ask questions to prepare for the November 7th City Council Elections. Candidates include: Kingsley Botchway II, Mazahir Salih, Angela E. Winnike, Ryan Hall, Susan Mims. This will also be an opportunity for community members and candidates to address issues facing the community. This event is open to the public.

The event includes a time for all the candidates to give a short speech, there will be questions asked by a moderator to the candidates, and then there will be a Q&A that anyone can ask questions for the candidates to answer. The event will include both At-large and District B candidates.

Work for a Livable Future: Make All Children Matter

October 21st, 2017, 10:00 AM, Iowa City Public Library: Meeting Room A 

This is the second of a three-part community forum aimed at addressing violence and terrorism against children both at home and abroad. Focus for this event will be on recording, reporting, and responding to acts of violence against youth. Keynote speaker will be Jackie Majerus from Youth Journalism International here to discuss her experiences with reporting on international acts of violence.  Local youth and journalists will expand upon this with personal experiences with reporting and witnessing violence with community activist Chendu Jayachandiran as moderator. 

After the speakers, the audience will be asked to take part in a walkthrough of visual representations of violence and terrorism against children. We will use visual cues and personal stories for participants to  explore violence and envision alternatives for a livable future for all children. The audience will return to their seats for Q&A time with the panelists and will be allowed to have open discussion about what they learned and took away from this event.

This event will be hosted by Physicians for Social Responsibility, University of Iowa Center for Human Rights, Muslim Public Affairs Council, and Veterans for Peace. All of these organizations aim to secure a livable future through raising awareness on issues. Some members of this include; Chendu Jayacandiran who is a community activist from Sri Lanka with personal experiences with child soldiers. Jackie Majerus is a Director Award Winner and founder of Youth Journalism International. Maureen McCue is the head of Iowa PSR and has worked to promote health and security for all for years.

Queer Bingo

October 22nd 2017, 8:00 PM, IMU 2nd Floor Ballroom

Join us for a night Queer Bingo! This event is a philanthropy and all proceeds will go to TransVerse, a support group for trans folks in the Iowa City community. It will also incorporate educational elements related to Queer History.

This event is part of Delta Lambda Phil's LGBT History Month 2017 programming.

For More Information: LGBTHistoryMonth2017.jpg

Immunizations on a Global Scale

October 24th, 2017, 5:30 PM, Illinois Room IMU

The ImmUnity Campaign, a student organization, will put on an event to bring awareness to and educate the greek community on topics ranging from polio, measles, disease eradication, non-government organizations, and foreign aid in the federal budget. Several members from the organization will talk on each of these points as well as show clips from the documentary "Half the Sky."

The Illusionists Film Screening Presented by BIEDA

October 24th, 7:00 PM, Pomerantz Center (PC) room C20

Sex sells. What sells even more? Insecurity. Multi-billion dollar industries saturate our lives with images of unattainable beauty, exporting body hatred from New York to Beirut to Tokyo. Their target? Women, and increasingly men and children. The Illusionists turns the mirror on media, exposing the absurd, sometimes humorous, and shocking images that seek to enslave us. 

Body Image and Eating Disorder Awareness student org presents The Illusionists to celebrate Fat Talk Free Week on October 24th at 7 pm at the Pomerantz Center (PC) room C20. A Q&A will be provided by the BIEDA advisers and executive council members. The Q&A will be presented by the advisers and executive council members of BIEDA. The BIEDA advisers are Kelly M. Clougher, Ph.D, a psychologist at University Counseling Services and JoAnn Daehler-Miller, MS, RD, LD, a dietitian at Student Health and Wellness. They both have experience with clients with negative body image and eating disorders.

Student Legal Services: Renting 101

October 24th 2017, 6:00PM,  Iowa Memorial Union - 2nd Floor Ballroom

Come to Student Legal Services' event "Renting 101." Enjoy FREE PIZZA and inform yourself on what you need to consider before and after signing a lease. We will go over the responsibilities of both Landlords and Tenants to help you prevent possible legal issues in the future. We will give you information on how to protect yourself from expensive mistakes or overreaching landlords. Come hungry and if you have any questions we will help you answer them.

A Day in the Life of a Dance Marthan Kiddo 

October 25th 2017, 7:00 PM, IMU Main Lounge

This event is a component of Dance Marathon's 100 Days Out from the annual Big Event celebration. This event will provide our dancers and students across campus with a tangible connection to the cause. There will be roughly six speakers for the evening, three hospital staff members, as well as three different Dance Marathon share their stories. The hospital staff will consist of care takers that are involved in a Dance Marathon kiddo's treatment on a day to day basis. There will be specific names for the families and hospital staff members in the next couple of weeks. The hospital staff will present on what treatment is like for a kiddo from their perspective and just how much they go through in a single day. After they have shared, three different families, one in active treatment, one survivor, and one who has had a child pass away, share their stories with the students. In addition to the lecture we will be having a photo/social media campaign to bring about a call to action for those already involved or wish to get involved. The Hawkeye Photobooth's equipment will be available to send students with a photo strip that goes along with our #findyourwhy campaign. Dancers will be will ask dancers to write on a chalkboard who or why they are dancing and what they hope to accomplish before the Big Event. The photo strips will serve as a reminder to them that we are 100 days away from the annual Big Event and there is still time left to make a difference

Queer History Trivia

October 26th 2017, 7:05 PM, CDE MPR

Join us for a night of Queer History Trivia! Arrive in teams or we can form teams of singles when you arrive. Study up, and may the best Queer History Trivia buff win!

This event is part of Delta Lambda Phil's LGBT History Month 2017 programming.

For More Information: LGBTHistoryMonth2017.jpg

Food and Your Mood

October 26th 2017, 12:30 PM, 100 PH

I am consumed, celebrated, and obsessed over.
What am I?
What we eat can have a tremendous affect on our health, but did you know that what we choose to put into our bodies can also affect our mental health? Emily Santi LMHC, NCC will present about how our food choices have chemical effects on our brains and bodies. Plus, learn how your personal culture and family affect your food choices. "Food and Your Mood" will be presented Thursday, October 26th from 12:30 - 1:30 pm at PH 100 to celebrate Fat Talk Free Week. Presnted by Emily Santi LMHC, NCC is the instructor for the University of Iowa class Psychology of Food and Mood.

Intersectionality Panel

October 30th 2017, 6:00 PM, IMU Minnesota Room

Join us for a panel on Queer Intersectionality! Panelists will be student leaders who have intersectional identities. We will have set questions for the panelists, and there will be time for audience questions as well.

This event is part of Delta Lambda Phil's LGBT History Month 2017 programming

For More Information: LGBTHistoryMonth2017.jpg

A Glimpse into the Future: A Discussion on Energy

November 1st, 2017 - 6:00-7:00 PM - W207PBB 

This event will be featuring four knowledgeable panelists who will be discussing topics ranging from renewable energy to how one can conserve energy in their own home. Panelists include: Douglas Litwiller Energy Advisor for CLEAResult in Des Moines, Eric Foresman who is the Energy and Utilities System Engineer for the University, Erin Hazen the Renewable Energy Bus Dev Manager at the University, and Ingrid Anderson the Environmental Compliance Specialist, who also works for the University. Emphasis will be placed on how the University of Iowa and Iowa City are beginning to implement renewable energy practices, as well as personal energy consumption. Since the event will be a panel, students should feel free to ask questions regarding energy-related topics!

This event will be enhanced by having members of the fraternity and sorority community present by encouraging them to become more energy-efficient in their own lives and within their own Greek Houses. Since the Sustainability Chair has been something that has been recently implemented into the Greek community at the University, this event will be extremely relevant. Renewable energy and energy consumption go hand-in-hand with sustainability practices -- it is one of the defining practices of the future. Members of the fraternity and sorority community will also be able to learn a bit more about what the University and Iowa City, specifically, are doing in order to promote and practice sustainability!

Life With Phil Talk-Andy Code 

November 2nd 2017, 10:30-11:30 AM, Old Capitol Senate Chamber 

The Life with Phil Talk is a series hosted by the UI Center for Advancement (previously the UI Foundation) that brings in a philanthropist to talk about their experiences with philanthropy. In the past, Sherri Salata and John Papajohn have been speakers. This time, Andy Code will be speaking. He is a member on the board of directors for the UI Foundation and focuses his philanthropic activities on global issues and health & human services

Code is particularly known for his global philanthropic measures, such as Arc of Hope Uganda and UNICEF. The Code family has also supported grants that allow University of Iowa students to participate in medical trips around the world. Come hear how you and Andy Code are both PHIL!

Check back often for more Spring 2017 programming opportunities!

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