Philanthropy Registration Form
 Register your Fall 2015 philanthropy by April 15, 2015 at 5PM! The Philanthropy Registration Form (Form P) can be found on OrgSync.

Philanthropy Evaluation Form
 Within 30 days of the completion of your philanthropy, each chapter must complete the Philanthropy Evaluation Form (also Form P), which is also located on OrgSync.  Along with this evaluation, the chapter must submit a letter from your charity OR a copy of the check written confirming the receipt of your payment to the philanthropy.

Social Registration Forms
 Form A and Form B are available via chapter's OrgSync page.  
Social Event Checklist

Educational Programming Form
 Two (2) "in chapter" educational programs are required each semester per chapter. Please complete the form below and submit to IFC/PHC within 10 days of the competition of the program.
Form C - In-Chapter Educational Programs
Form E - Out-of-Chapter Educational Programs

NPHC & MGC Membership Intake Form
 Any chapters wanting to participate in Membership Intake, must complete the Membership Intake Form.  This form is due to Leslie Schacht by October 15 or March 1 of that respective semester.