Currently, 25 fraternities and sororities live-in and own/rent official chapter houses at Iowa. Chapters with a house are required to have a live-in House Director or House Mom/Dad. This important staff member assists the chapter with facilities/maintenance issues, meal/food issues, and is often a great resource/ear to listen for our students. If you are interested in being a House Director at a fraternity* or sorority at Iowa, please e-mail or mail a (1) cover letter and (2) a recent resume to:

Helen Lahrman
Center for Student Involvement & Leadership
145 IMU
Iowa City, IA  52242

Each individual chapter screens and hires their own house director. Once you submit your information to CSIL, information will be provided to any chapter's alumni/house corporation board for the purposes of review, interviews, and hiring upon their request. Information is kept on file with the CSIL office.

*Note: Fraternity House Directors can be graduate or professional students (no undergraduates).

See the following resources for more information:

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House Director Salary Comparisons Results - Sorority - 2010

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