2017 Spring Recruitment 

Spring recruitment will begin on January 29th at 4 pm in the IMU 2nd floor ballroom. At this event, each fraternity will give a short presentation on their chapter. This will be followed by a meet and greet with refreshments in the back of the ballroom. 

The next day, January 30th, we will be holding the fraternity fair in the IMU main lounge starting at 6 pm. At this event, each chapter will have their own table where you can get information regarding individual fraternities and learn about their recruitment events for the week. 

Following these two events, fraternities will hold their own recruitment events. Make sure to ask about what events each fraternity is holding for the week while at the fraternity fair! On Monday, February 6th, chapters can begin extending bids. It is encouraged to visit several houses during the week before making a final decision. 

If you are interested in participating in spring recruitment, please fill out this form. We will use this to send you important information regarding recruitment. If you have any questions, please direct them to Jackson McNally at gc-ifc-recruitment@uiowa.edu. 

Looking forward to seeing you this spring! 

Here are some links to guide you through the recruitment process!

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