Joining a fraternity or sorority is a big decision. No one should ever go through recruitment and feel like they are still left with unanswered questions.

You may want to think about your reasons behind joining and use those reasons to help you determine other important questions.

What are you joining for?

•     Personal development
•     Lifelong friendships
•     Meaningful college experiences
•     Leadership development
•     Community service
•     Scholastic support
•     Social development
•     Networking
•     Lifetime opportunities for involvement

Some great questions to ask when going through recruitment are:

•     Why did you pick the fraternity you are in?
•     What are the financial obligations to the fraternity? What are the annual dues and new member fees? What is the cost to live in the fraternity house (if the chapter has one)?
•     What would the benefits be if I joined your chapter?
•     What kinds of social activities are planned for the fraternity?
•     How will I know which fraternity is best for me?
•     What are the grade expectations of the fraternity?
•     What is the fraternity's philanthropy?
•     What is the time commitment of new members to the fraternity?
•     Are men of the fraternity involved in other campus organizations? If so, what kind of organizations do they belong to?
•     What have you enjoyed most about being Greek?
•     What types of community service activities has your fraternity been a part of?
•     What values are important to your organization?
•     What is your new member education/orientation program like? What is its purpose?
•     How will your organization help prepare me for graduation and life after college?
•     What makes your chapter unique?
•     Does the chapter participate in intramural events?
•     What other student organizations is the chapter involved in?
•     How many functions does the chapter have per week?
•     What does the chapter do to support its members academically? What is the chapter’s cumulative GPA?
•     Has the chapter had any university or national organization recognition in recent years?
•     What values does the organization promote?
•     What are the leadership opportunities available in the chapter?
•     What type of member is the chapter looking for?
•     What brotherhood activities does the chapter have?