Top 5 Things You Can Do to Show Interest in an NPHC Chapter

  1. Attend chapter programs and events.
  2. Attend an interest meeting or informational for the chapter(s) in which you are interested
  3. Get to know members of the organization at every opportunity.
  4. Research information on the Internet about the group(s) in which you are interested.
  5. Show your own involvement on campus (i.e. get involved in clubs, community service, etc.).

Some Helpful Resources

Divine Nine: The History of African-American Fraternities and Sororities in American
By Lawrence C. Ross

Black Greek 101: The Cultural, Customs, and Challenges of Black Fraternities and Sororities
By Dr. Walter M. Kimbrough

African American Fraternities and Sororities: The Legacy and the Vision
By Tamara L. Brown, Gregory S. Parks and Clarenda M. Phillips

Soulstepping: African American Step Shows
By Elizabeth C. Fine