Open House Round
 Event Length: 20 minutes

 What Happens: During this round you will visit all 14 NPC sororities. This round will take place at chapter structures and will be your first opportunity to talk to individual chapter members.

 What to Wear: Plan to wear something that you feel comfortable in. These are NOT the days to test out a new pair of heels - you will regret it the next day! Appropriate attire includes capris or shorts with a casual top.




 Round Two

Event Length: 30 minutes

What Happens: This day will be your second opportunity to see the chapter structures, and you will get a chance to talk with more of the chapter members. You may visit a maximum of ten (10) chapters this day.

What to Wear: Again, plan on wearing something comfortable, but a little less casual. Appropriate attire includes capris, shorts, or a skirt with a casual top.




Sisterhood and Philanthropy Round
 Event Length: 45 minutes

 What Happens: This is a chance for the chapter members to share with you what they value most about being part of their own chapter. Some will inform you about the philanthropic organization they supportwhile others may show you a sisterhood video highlighting their events throughout the year. You may visit a maximum of six (6) chapters during this round.

What to Wear: This round is a step up from the previous two. Most women wear sundresses, maxi dresses, or a nice skirt and top.



 Preference Round
 Event Length: 60 minutes

What happens: You may visit up to two (2) chapters this day. They will have a ceremony or ritual that they will share with you. These often include singing, senior or alumnae speakers, and other traditional activities. On this day you will begin to understand what sisterhood means to each chapter.

What to Wear: This is a formal event. Cocktail or summer wedding attire is recommended. This includes a dress, nice skirt and top, and dress shoes or sandals.

Going through Fall Formal PHC Sorority Recruitment? Check out our Pinterest board for ideas on what to wear. We also have a breakdown of each round and some outfit ideas below!