Registration for UIFFR17 is now CLOSED.

Dear Potential New Member (PNM),

Thank you for your interest in University of Iowa Fall Formal Recruitment! Fall Formal Recruitment is the best way to meet 14 of the 15 Panhellenic chapters we have here on campus. Our fifteenth chapter is called Phi Beta Chi. They are an associate member of the Panhellenic council and they do not participate in Fall Formal Recruitment. Recruitment takes place the first two weekends of the academic school year. (August 25-27 and Sep 1-4) We can’t wait to have you in our community. I have always said that attending the University of Iowa was the best decision of my life and joining a sorority here at Iowa was the second!

PNM check-in will take place Thursday, August 24th. Check-in is from 12-5 PM in the IMU and this is where you will pick up your t-shirts, PNM booklet, and water bottle for recruitment. Potential new members will be expected to attend one of the two PNM orientations on Thursday night. The first PNM orientation is from 5:30-7PM and the second orientation is 7:30-9PM. Your Rho Gamma will let you know which session to attend. A Rho Gamma is an active member of a sorority here on campus that has disaffiliated from her own chapter to help you find a chapter through the recruitment process. We have an absolutely incredible group of Rho Gammas this year and I am sure you will love them just as much as I do.

Round one is called “Meet the Chapters” and takes place on Friday through Saturday of the first weekend of UIFFR. You will wear your V-neck t-shirt provided by the Panhellenic council for this round. You can wear either a pair of shorts, pants, or a skirt with the shirt. I always recommend wearing what you feel the most comfortable and confident in. I would also highly suggest wearing flats for this round because you will be doing a lot of walking. Potential members will meet 14 of the 15 Panhellenic chapters and also attend a presentation on our other two councils that have sororities here at Iowa. (Multicultural Greek Council and the National PanHellenic Council-check out their tabs on our website) Each round is twenty minutes long with a twenty-minute passing period. During these two days you will be with your Rho Gamma the entire time and you will also be paired up with at least two other Rho Gammas. This group is called your traveling group.

After the first round of recruitment is over you will narrow down from 14 chapters to ten chapters. The second round of recruitment is called “Welcome Back.” You will be wearing the second t-shirt provided by the Panhellenic council during this round. You can still wear shorts, pants, or a skirt during this round. I also still recommend wearing flats! Welcome back round takes place on Sunday, August 27th. A PNM can attend up to ten chapters this round of recruitment. This round is thirty minutes per round with twenty minute passing periods. Each PNM will have a unique schedule based off of their preferences and what chapters have invited them back. Potential new members will select their six top choices after attending Welcome Back round in preparation for sisterhood round which will begin the second weekend of Fall Formal Recruitment.

The first two days of the second weekend is called “Sisterhood Round.” PNM’s dress up a little more for this round. A sundress, cute pants and a blouse, or a skirt and top would be perfect. Again, wear whatever you feel comfortable and confident in. You can attend up to six chapters during this round over the course of two days. This round is forty-five minutes long with twenty minute passing periods. After this round PNM’s narrow down their top two choices for preference round.

Preference round takes place on Sunday September 3rd. PNM’s dress up the most for this round. I would suggest something that you could wear to a wedding. A PNM can attend up to two chapters during preference round. Each round is one hour with twenty minute passing periods. After attending this round PNM’s rank their preferences first and second. If you have maximized your options during the entire process you are guaranteed placement in one of the two choices you have listed.

September 4th is BID DAY! You will come to the IMU to open your bid cards and be transported to your chapter for the bid day celebration. I would just wear a tank top with shorts and comfortable shoes. Your chapter will have a bid day shirt for you to change into after you open your bid card.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me (

Go Hawks Go Greek!


Kathryn Clarke
Panhellenic Vice President for Recruitment