What is the Panhellenic council? The Panhellenic council is our sorority only governing body with traditionally housed structures. 13 of the 15 chapters are housed. Check out our chapters under the Panhellenic tab!

What is the average chapter size? 160 women

What is the time commitment? We like to say that being in a sorority is like adding a 3-semester hour class. There will be weekly meetings and social events put on by your chapter or the FSL community that are optional for you to attend. School always comes first and it is important to manage your time wisely!

I’m interested… How do I join? Registration for Fall Formal Recruitment is live! Click here to register! 

When is Fall Formal Recruitment? August 24-27 and Sep 1-4.

What do I wear? www.uiowafsl.com/what-to-wear The Panhellenic council will provide two shirts you will wear the first and second rounds of recruitment. Sisterhood round and preference you can wear whatever you feel the most comfortable and confident in.

What is a Rho Gamma? A Rho Gamma is a woman in a sorority here on campus that has disassociated from her chapter to help you find your chapter throughout the recruitment process! She will be with you every step of the way if you have any questions. You will meet your Rho Gamma at PNM orientation on Thursday August 24th. 

What are the rounds like? The first round of recruitment is called “Meet the Chapters” and it is the first Friday and Saturday of recruitment. You will be with your Rho Gamma group the entire time. You will have twenty minutes at each chapter. After “Meet the Chapters” you will narrow down your preferences to ten. The next round of recruitment is called “Welcome Back” and it takes place on the Sunday of the first weekend. You will attend up to ten chapters for thirty minutes per event. You will then narrow your preferences down to six chapters. The second weekend of recruitment is the start of “Sisterhood round.” You will attend up to six chapters for forty-five minutes per round. Sisterhood round takes place on Friday and Saturday of the second weekend. You will narrow down your choices to two after this round. The final round is called “Preference.” You will attend up to two chapters for one hour this round. You will rank your preferences first and second. You will find out which chapter extended you a bid on Bid Day! You will meet with your Rho Gamma at the IMU and we will all open our bid cards together. You will be released to Hubbard Park to meet with your chapter right after the bid day ceremony.

Am I guaranteed a bid? Here at Iowa if you maximize your options throughout the entire process you are guaranteed placement into one of your preferences.

When do people live-in the chapter structure? Do I have to? All freshman will live in the residence halls. The most common year to live in is the second year. Some chapters require you to live-in but most houses are at capacity and if you choose to not live-in that is okay. Always be sure to discuss this with the chapter you wish to join during recruitment.

What is a letter of rec? Do I need one? A letter of rec is filled out by an alumni or collegiate member of the sorority to reccomend you to be a member of that specifc chapter. Recommendation letters are not required but they are recommended! You can find where to send them on our website under each specific chapter on the Panhellenic council tab. Chapters accept rec letters throughout the recruitment process but it is highly recommended to get them in as soon as possible!

Can I go through recruitment as an upperclassmen? Yes! Most Potential New Members are freshman, but upperclassmen are always encouraged to register.

Is there a GPA requirement? There is no GPA requirement to participate in Fall Formal Recruitment. However, we encourage women participating to have a 3.0 or above. We find that your options become extremely limited or that women are released from the process due to academics. The zones are listed below:

Green zone: 3.0 and above (options are not likely to belimited)

Yellow zone: 2.75-3.0 (options likely to be limited)

Red Zone: below 2.75 (options are extremely limited)

How do I know what chapter is best? Each sorority has its own mission, creed and values that it lives by; however, overall, Panhellenic organizations strive to provide members with friendship, opportunities for personal growth/development and fun. To choose a chapter that is right for you, you should do some research, attend Panhellenic recruitment events and visit organizations’ social media pages. Formal recruitment is the best way to meet everyone and make the best choice for you. As you go through the process, be sure to keep an open mind, ask questions, and be yourself!