Fraternal Activities Committee (FAC)
The mission of the Fraternal Activities Committee is to create exciting, enticing, and free late night and weekend programming for Iowa's Fraternity & Sorority community. It's a weekly commitment and a leadership opportunity. It's your chance to "make plans" with 3,600 of your closest friends. If you are interested in joining this committee, contact any of the directors below:

Executive Director- Chloe Stewart
Co-Director of Athletics- Ryder Fink & Emily Comer
Co-Directors of Entertainment- Morgan Welch & Whitney Fuller
Director of Marketing- Madison Petersen

Looking for something to do Thursday through Sunday? Wear your letters for FREE admission to any CAB movie! For a list of showings, go to

Reminder: All FAC events can be registered as non-alcoholic events for PHC and IFC chapters by submitting a Form B (see below).

Social Registration Forms
Form A and Form B are available via each chapter's OrgSync page.
Social Event Planning Checklist 
Sample Guest List

Liquor License & Proof of Insurance
The following establishments have current Spring 2016 Liquor Licenses and Proof of Insurance forms on file with the Panhellenic Council and Interfraternity Council:

Airliner Bar - 22 S. Clinton St.
Bardot - 347 S. Gilbert St.
Bella Sala - 3232 Jasper Ave., Coalville
Blue Moose - 211 Iowa Ave.
Brothers Bar & Grill - 125 S. Dubuque St. (2/19/17)
Devotay - 117 N. Linn St.
Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa - Moline, IL
Eden - 608 Arlington Dr.
Fieldhouse Bar - 118 S. Dubuque St.
First Avenue Club - 1550 S. 1st Ave.
Fujiyama - 531 Highway 1 West
Hotel Vetro - 201 S. Linn St.
Marriott - 300 E. 9th St., Coralville  (3/1/17)*
Martini's - 127 E. College St. (7/31/17)
Bo James - 118 E. Washington St. |
Sheraton - 210 S. Dubuque St.
Sports Column - 12 S. Dubuque St.  (5/21/17)
The Summit - 10 S. Clinton St. | Liquor License | Proof of Insurance (08/15/17)
Takanami Restaurant - 219 Iowa Ave. *
Union Bar - 121 E. College St. (8/25/17)
Wildwood - 4941 Dolphin Dr. SE 

*Denotes a venue that is exempt from the 21 Ordinance.

Please consultant any Inter/National sorority/fraternity policies related to risk management. Here are some other useful resources: 

UI Student Code of Conduct
UI Policy Against Hazing
FIPG 2013 Risk Management Policy
UI Good Samaritan Policy
Crisis Management Flowchart

Arrest & Citation Policy
Arrest & Citation Policy

Spring 2017 Results for Fall 2017

Greek- Wise Education

Go to

Course Control Number: UIOWGW 

Sign up for Course and Print completion certificate

Sexual Assault Prevention & Reporting

24 Hour Crisis Lines:


Rape Victim Advocacy Program, 
(319) 335-6001

"Surviving sexual abuse and reaching out for help takes courage and strength. Whether you have been recently assaulted, know someone who has been affected by abuse or are healing from past trauma, staff members and volunteers at the Rape Victim Advocacy Program in Iowa City are here to support you."

Office of the Sexual Misconduct Response Coordinator, 
450 Van Allen Hall

Hazing Prevention
If any new member, initiated member, alumni, non-member, or campus administrator suspects a potential hazing situation with any chapter or colony at Iowa, she or he is invited to contact the national caller identity-protected anti-hazing hotline at 1-888-NOT-HAZE. 

Non-Alcoholic Social Venue Options & Bus Company Information
If your organization is interested in some venues in and around the Iowa City/Coralville area that offer fun and alcohol-free entertainment, check out this document. It also includes information on bus companies for chapter events.

Venues Exempt from the 21 Ordinance
Check out this website for an updated list of venues in Iowa City, IA that are exempt from the 21 Ordinance. 

UISG SafeRide - (319) 467-HOME (4663)
UISG as paired up with a local cab service to provide FREE and safe transportation for all UI students (regardless of gender) in an emergency or unexpected situation. This cab service is meant to offer UI students emergency transportation home to distance themselves from potentially dangerous situations.

UI Nite Ride - (319) 384-1111
Nite Ride is a safe means of transportation for women only. Full-time University of Iowa Security Guards operate the mini-bus at all times and never check IDs. No need to make that long walk home alone after a night out or studying. Schedule: Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 10PM - 3AM