Greek Sustainability Council

Mission Statement: 
The Greek Sustainability Council will exist to empower fraternities and sororities to take ownership of their impact on the environment. The Council will work to provide the resources necessary for members of the Greek community to live sustainable lifestyles on campus and beyond. The long-term effect of the Council’s efforts will be the sustainable practices implemented all over the world by the leaders who graduate from the Greek community at the University of Iowa.

Value Statement:
The values held by the Greek Sustainability Council will ignite a life of sustainability - a life lived intently. The Council will value commitment to environmental justice, a respect for diversity in methods, and a belief that the world is worth saving. The Council members will aspire to create a lasting, positive change in their chapter and the Greek community at large.


The Compost Ninja

The Compost Ninja is a private compostable waste hauler that gives FSL groups a discounted rate of $200/year. The necessary amount of 5-gallon bins are provided for food waste to be placed in throughout the week. Every week the bins are exchanged for clean ones. To read more about their movement and why composting is important, see their website: 
Phone: 319-550-7071

How to Host a Zero-Waste Event
Hosting zero-waste recruitment, philanthropy, and social events is a fantastic way for fraternities and sororities to be more sustainable. Plus, it’s easy! Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to host a zero-waste event. Additionally, reach out to the FSL director of Sustainability, Noel, for free assistance!

Green Initiatives Fund Application
The Green Initiatives Fund is a sum of money provided by the University of Iowa Student Government and the Graduate and Professional Student Government that student groups are granted to pursue sustainability initiatives. Fraternities and sororities can apply for funds to cover the cost of new recycling bins, The Compost Ninja yearly fee, compostable utensils for events, and many more items. Below is the link to the application, but please reach out to the FSL Sustainability Director if you have any questions or need help applying!

FSL Director of Sustainability
    Hello FSL community! I’m Noel, your new Director of Sustainability. I have so many ideas for how to make our community even better, and I’m excited to work with you! My primary role is to serve as a resource for you in your sustainability endeavors. I want to help you host zero-waste events, reduce your carbon footprint, and overall become more environmentally conscious. With the formation of the Greek Sustainability Council, I hope to connect with every chapter on campus to achieve individualized sustainability goals. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me is you have questions, concerns, or better yet - sustainability ideas! I look forward to working together to improve our Greek community.
Phone: (319) 939-5225