First Round: "Meet the Chapters"

During this round of recruitment you will be provided a V-neck t-shirt by the Panhellenic council. The chapters will be wearing the same shirt as you! These photos are pictures from the V-neck provided last year. They will be the same style but a different design and color. The proof is attached below. I recommend wearing a skirt, shorts, or pants. Whatever you are most comfortable in! Highly suggest wearing flats this round. You will be walking A LOT!

Second Round: "Welcome Back"

This year we have chosen to provide two recruitment shirts. You will be wearing a slouchy tee shown in the photo. A proof of the actual shirt is also shown in the second photo. The chapters will also be wearing these shirts with their chapter name on the front. I'd still suggest shorts, skirt, or pants to go along with this outfit! I'd still wear flats this round as well. 

Third Round: "Sisterhood"

This round you may wear any outfit of your choosing. Rompers and sun dresses are very popular this round but you can still wear a skirt/short with a nice top combo if you wish! Like I said, just wear what you feel that most comfortable and confident in. A lot of women prefer wearing wedges with their outfits this round but I'd bring a pair of flip flops to wear in-between rounds!

Final Round: "Preference"

This is the most dressed up you will be in the entire process. Lots of women wear something they would wear to a wedding this round.